Southern Fried Nuptials

2019 Production History

Another hilarious comedy from the Nashville writing team Osborne & Eppler…

The uproarious sequel to Southern Fried Funeral!

It’s a year after the action ended in the original play, and the newly widowed Dorothy Frye is adapting to her new life—rather tentatively—while preparing for the pending wedding of her oldest daughter, Harlene to her childhood sweetheart (and local attorney) Atticus Van Leer. There’s all manner of hilarity that ensues, what with Dorothy’s other daughter, Sammi Jo, working hard to keep her own baggage neatly stored out of sight and sound, and wacky young son Dewey Jr. riding herd over the passel of wedding gifts that are arriving daily at the Fryes’ front door.

Add to that basic family unit, the members of the extended family—Martha Ann and Fairy June—local church busybody and wedding coordinator Ozella Meeks, and a local businessman named Vester Pickens, who has obvious romantic designs on the Widow Frye. Enter a swarthy Texan from Harlene’s past claiming to be her husband and all manner of chaos ensues.