Singin’ In The Rain

Choreographer: CURTIS REED
Music Director: ROLLIE MAINS
Production Manager: JOY TILLEY PERRYMAN


Chaffin’s Barn is seeking to cast true triple threats for their upcoming productions of The Wedding Singer and Singin’ In The Rain. Please note that Singin’ In The Rain does have Non-Singing roles available. Auditions for both shows will be held simultaneously.

(Thanksgiving will have no performances.)
All roles are paid on a sliding payscale and are paid weekly, with rehearsal pay divided between each rehearsal week.


Sunday, August 11, 2019
10am – 5pm

Chaffin’s Barn Rehearsal Space
8204 HWY 100 37221

(located at rear of Chaffin’s Barn property. It’s a large beige metal building. Please park in Chaffins main lot—not in front of rehearsal building)

Video submissions will be accepted for General Auditions, but NOT for callbacks.

If you have worked at Chaffin’s Barn before and would like to audition, please email Curtis and/or Jenny about your interest before signing up for a slot as we may just send you through to callbacks.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Callbacks will be held Aug 13th for both shows. Those attending callbacks will need to be prepared to:

*Songs and Sides will be available on the Chaffin’s Barn Website and/ or emailed to you with your callback notice prior to Aug 13th.


October 21 – November 2
Tech: November 3 – 6


November 7 – 30
Opening Night · 7:30pm
Thursdays · 12pm
Fridays & Saturdays · 7:30pm
Sunday, November 17 · 2pm Matinee

Character Breakdown

ZELDA ZANDERS (Female, 30 to 40) – A flapper socialite and actress on her ninth marriage, she is Lina’s friend and informant.

R.F. SIMPSON (Male, 50 to 65) – A successful, magnanimous, film producer. He leads the other characters in creating a new movie musical.

ROSCOE DEXTER (Male, 30 to 50) – A famous film director with theatrical mannerisms and tendencies. Frequently frazzled and works with Lina and Don.

COSMO BROWN (Male, 35 to 45, Vocal Range: Ab4 to C3 – THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST. A wacky and playful on-set pianist for silent films. Don’s best friend and former dance partner.

LINA LAMONT (Female, 30 to 35, Vocal Range: Eb5 to C4) – A slow-witted silent film diva with a big personality and a harshly unpleasant voice. She is Don’s regular co-star.

DON LOCKWOOD (Male, 35 to 45, Vocal Range: Ab4 to G2) – A suave Hollywood actor and dancer. Cosmo’s best friend and Lina’s regular co-star.

ROD (Male, 35 to 45) – An excitable film agent bordering on manic. He works for Simpson.

KATHY SELDEN (Female, 25 to 30, Vocal Range: F5 to G3) – An earnest, talented actress with whit and charm. She falls in love with Don and performs as Lina’s speaking and singing voice.

PRODUCTION SINGER (Male, 25 to 40, Vocal Range: Ab4 to Db3) &183; Student Contract – The lead tenor in Monumental Pictures’ first movie musical.

MISS DINSMORE (Female, 45 to 55) – Lina’s vocal coach. She is the “mother hen” type with caring affection for the younger performers.

Ensemble – Movie Stars, Film Crew, Actors